About Us

ProDongle started under the name RookieDongle as a solution to measure and improve the driving behavior of young people. With the proven success of the speed control systems in mind, engineer Paul Janssens and marketer Christophe Neyt teamed up and the solution was launched in October 2015.

Soon RookieDongle outperformed its initial young target public. The business world came up with the question to create a similar but more extensive system for the management of a vehicle fleet. With the help of a polyvalent team, consisting of (among others) product designers, IT developers and security specialists, ProDongle was launched on the market in October 2016 as an intelligent Connect Your Fleet solution.

The initial idea – real-time comparison of the vehicle speed with the applicable speed limit in that area was extended with a variety of options. From now on, the ProDongle solution also offered the possibility to automatically record driving times, kilometers, working time per employee and time spent on location. ProDongle automatically qualifies trips (work, private or commuting) based on time and location algorithms and assigns them to locations and projects. An extensive reservation module allows management of pool or courtesy cars. Fuel costs, tire and brake pad wear and excessive private use of the vehicle fleet can be monitored. With an API, the solution can be integrated in existing fleet management, planning and ERP systems. This way, companies get the opportunity to manage their fleet more efficiently and to adapt in a flexible way to unforeseen needs of clients.

In order to avoid the privacy problems of the classic track and trace systems, a strong focus has been put on privacy by design and GDPR Compliance from the design phase on. If required, ProDongle offers employees with a company car maximum privacy protection, always adjustable by the manager/employer. This way, the employee’s privacy is guaranteed at all times and an implementation is made possible. The reserved transparency feature ensures that the employer also plays the game by the rules.

The ProDongle works worldwide and is used by clients in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, USA, South Africa and Switzerland.