Connect your fleet
in 3 easy steps

Plug in the ProDongle

These days, cars and vans are basically computers. They have an on-board diagnostics port that exposes a whole host of data: speed, mileage, performance,… Get started by inserting the ProDongle into your vehicle’s OBD II port, an industry standard in the vast majority of vehicles made in the last 20 years.

Next, sign up for an account to pair the Dongle, and take your car for a short drive to start the ProDongle’s internal GPS. Don’t worry, you can easily set up multiple drivers for the same dongle.

Access your account in the cloud

Once started, the ProDongle will start pushing its data securely to the cloud. It has its own embedded data connection with a virtual SIM card that works all over the entire European continent without extra charges.

All data such as driving times, working hours, locations, speed, engine revs, engine fault codes, battery voltage, … are stored in our database for processing purposes. With our location and time algorithms, trips are automatically categorized in business, private or commuter trips, all of this clearly in calendar or tabular form, with respective mileages. Also shown are departure and arrival times as well as the effective working time with location and customer name.

Because safe driving leads to fewer accidents, damage, incapacities for work and enhances the corporate image, ProDongle objectively analyses the driving behavior of your employees. We compare the data with our extensive database of road networks and speed limits and allocate a safety score for each ride and driver on the basis of their driving behavior. Log into your ProDongle account, accessible on any smartphone, tablet and computer, for detailed diagrams, maps and logs.

Get customized reports and alerts

Privacy Mode allows to hide all the trip information from an Administrator. This way your employees can, dependant on the setting (private, commuting or all rides), enjoy privacy for non-work trips.