Pool cars

Pool car management becomes child's play

Pool cars are intended to get the maximum out of a minimum number of cars. Continuously changing drivers make control and management complex. The lack of respect on the part of some employees leads to frustration on the part of drivers and managers. Control the use of shared vehicles, maximize use through better planning and reduce costs.

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Extensive reservation system

Pool cars should maximize the efficiency of your fleet but are a source of annoyance. In case of damage or problems, it has never been anyone. Avoid reservation discussions, get the most out of your available vehicles and simplify your administration:

  • Reservation system with overview of free and reserved vehicles
  • Central or individual reservation via smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Mandatory identification via badge or ibutton
  • Maximize the use of the fleet by automatic release at no show
  • Data of reservations is kept between 1 and 36 months
  • Find the culprit for damages and traffic fines in 3 mouse clicks
  • Overview vehicle locations on your car park
Pool cars
Pool cars

Reduce the cost of your pool cars

Pool cars imply higher operating costs due to the changing drivers who show little respect for the shared vehicles. Stay in control and reduce your costs:

  • Locate your pool cars 24/7
  • Avoid excessive use through objective recording of the mileage driven
  • Reduce costs of consumption, maintenance, wear and tear and insurance premiums by controlling driving behaviour
  • Invoice the damage to the person responsible
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Alerts: prevention is cheaper than repairing

Permanent control is time consuming. It is much more efficient to intervene proactively via our automatic alerts:

  • When someone recklessly drives the vehicle
  • When a vehicle crosses national borders
  • When a vehicle drives without a registered driver
  • Data of reservations is kept between 1 and 36 months
Pool cars
Pool cars

Facilitate your fleet management

The management of a fleet of vehicles quickly becomes quite a job. Get the right tools to manage your fleet in a professional way:

  • Keep track of all technical, financial and insurance data of the fleet
  • Proactively plan maintenance, periodic inspections and sales based on mileage
  • Receive warnings in case of low battery voltage or serious technical problems
  • Negotiate cheaper insurance premiums
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