Blackbox Light

Blackbox Light

Easy and worry-free installation

The ProDongle Blackbox Light can be installed in your vehicles via a simple connection directly to the battery. For anti-theft purposes, the installation can also be done discreetly under the dashboard, in the engine compartment, in the trunk,...Thanks to the built-in mobile connection, the Blackbox Light is connected to the cloud and you can follow the vehicle in real time. A reliable solution.

An extension with mandatory identification via Badge or iButton reader and buzzer can be achieved with the ProDongle Blackbox. An even simpler installation is possible by plugging our ProDongle Plug & Play into the OBD port of a vehicle. The ProDongle Stand Alone works completely independently and does not require installation.

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Blackbox Light

1. Build in the ProDongle Blackbox Light

The simple connection directly to the battery can be done by yourself. Such installation can be done very quickly since the device only needs to be connected to car's battery.

The ProDongle Blackbox Light for anti-theft purposes is installed in your vehicles by a technically skilled person of your choice, by one of our partners or by our mobile installation service at your premises.

2. Manage your fleet

Once installed the ProDongle Blackbox will start sending data securely to our servers. The device has its own integrated data connection that works throughout Europe at no extra cost.

Because the ProDongle Blackbox Light transmits a new position up to 20 times a minute while driving, you can follow the vehicle in real time. Afterwards, the trips and stops can be consulted in great detail via our extensive Application.

Blackbox Light
GPS position up to 20 times per minute while driving
Heartbeat every hour when stationary
GPRS via built-in SIM card (2G/4G)
No own SIM card possible
Fixed installation
Degree of protection
Water and impact resistant
92 mm x 58 mm x 14 mm
Operating temperature
-40 °C to +85 °C
Supply voltage
10 V to 30 V
Overvoltage protection

Do you also want a complete product without surprises?

  • Easy to use
  • Pan-European operation with professional maps
  • Unlimited positions, kms & users
  • Helpdesk, software & map updates included
  • Accessible via any PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Own software, integration via API possible