Engine hours registration

Engine hours registration

Automate the registration of engine hours

Easy, reliable, and precise. Engine hours registration allows you to remotely monitor how many hours the engine of a machine or vehicle has been running. The running hours are recorded fully automatically.

On a map, you can see in real-time and afterwards where the machine engine is in use, and you'll always know how far a task has progressed.

  • Readable remotely
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Works for PTO applications and additional engine
  • Automatic breakdown of main engine running hours and additional engine running hours
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Monitor Renter Usage

Customers don't always adhere strictly to agreements when they rent your equipment. Know how long your machine is being used by the renter and prevent misuse. Since the data is objective, there can be no dispute during billing.

  • Billing based on verifiable running hours
  • Avoid excessive use
Engine hours registration
Engine hours registration

Facilitate Your Equipment Management

Know the operational working hours of your machines and optimise their usage. With our engine hours registration, you can easily determine when periodic maintenance is needed.

Specific functions

  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Automatic maintenance alerts
  • Engine hours meter
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Do you also want a complete product without surprises?

  • Easy to use
  • Pan-European operation with professional maps
  • Unlimited positions, kms & users
  • Helpdesk, software & map updates included
  • Accessible via any PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Own software, integration via API possible