Service & maintenance

Track & Trace for service and maintenance industry

ProDongle has extensive experience in increasing the efficiency of the technical field services of service and maintenance companies at home and abroad. Reduce driving times, increase the number of interventions and maximize billable hours.

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Work efficiently

One-off services, assistance or interventions under a maintenance contract do not make your planning and follow-up any easier. Reduce driving times, increase the number of interventions and maximize the number of billable hours:

  • Central Planning with a real-time overview for urgent interventions
  • Automatic assignment of trips to a client based on location
  • Technician registers a note for reporting and subsequent interventions
  • Field service can ask a colleague who is nearby for help or spare parts
Service & maintenance
Service & maintenance

Control of your technical field service

Employees leave with their company vehicle from their home or from the company to the customers. This complicates control and incites abuse:

  • Late arrival at the customer
  • Fraud with private mileage
  • Personal errands during working hours

Prevent cheating with efficient supervision:

  • Locate your vehicles in real time
  • Registration presence with a badge
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Calculating compensation becomes child's play

Your technical field service is on the road daily and regularly departs from their homes to your customers. Depending on the internal rules, these trips may or may not count as working hours. Automate the calculation of working hours and the settlement of private mileage:

  • Start and end working hours depending on your business rules
  • Daily or weekly email with hours worked
  • Settlement of private mileage based on trip registration
Service & maintenance
Service & maintenance

Always invoice customers correctly

Work slips are not always filled in correctly or the working hours of an intervention are not noted. Discussions with your client about services are time consuming and frustrating. This can easily be prevented:

  • Automatic assignment of trips to a client based on location
  • Invoicing based on demonstrable work
  • Travel costs based on provable mileage
  • Calculate profitability of maintenance contracts

Receive alerts when things go wrong

Permanent control is time consuming and not tenable in practice. If something goes wrong or something is forgotten, you can rely on our automatic alerts:

  • When a vehicle is used outside working hours
  • When someone recklessly drives the vehicle
  • When your vehicles arrive at checkin@work construction site
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Service & maintenance
Service & maintenance

Reduce fleet costs

  • Reduce consumption, maintenance and wear costs through improved driving behaviour
  • Proactively plan maintenance and periodic inspections
  • Prevent excessive private use by automatic recognition of work and private trips
  • Keep track of all technical, financial and insurance data of the fleet

Tailor-made privacy

  • Your company policy determines when a vehicle is visible or invisible
  • Ability to make private trips invisible reduces resistance
  • Data is kept between 1 and 36 months
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  • Easy to use
  • Pan-European operation with professional maps
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  • Helpdesk, software & map updates included
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  • Own software, integration via API possible