The challenge

Setis Wallon is an initiative of the Walloon Region to help newcomers integrate into the local community.

The organisation has some 30 interpreters who provide translation assistance in more than 20 different languages, both remotely and face-to-face. The aim is to facilitate communication between local service providers (social workers, doctors, psychologists, etc.) and new arrivals in Wallonia.

“Our interpreters often have to go out on the road to provide assistance in diverse Walloon provinces.”, says Hamid Syed, fleet coordinator at Setis Wallon.

In order to make optimal use of the fleet, Setis Wallon opted for pool cars. “We have about eight vehicles that are used by our 30 interpreters on reservation.”, Hamid continues. “This created the need for a reliable reservation system with an overview of available and reserved vehicles.”

Another challenge for Setis Wallon was to correctly calculate and report the number of kilometres travelled for the translation work. “If you know that an interpreter may travel up to 2.000 kilometres a week with several stops, it is better to have a track & trace system that clearly registers everything.”, says Hamid.

Setis Wallon

The solution

Setis Wallon finally chose ProDongle's pool car solution. Each interpreter can now easily reserve a free vehicle via the application on his or her smartphone or PC.

Thanks to the mileage registration module Setis Wallon now has better insight into the kilometres travelled by the interpreters. “Especially the ability to link locations to customers is a feature that no other market player offers.”, says Hamid. “With this option, we can easily break down business kilometres per customer for invoicing, budget control or post-calculation. That makes our job a lot easier.”

Another advantage offered by ProDongle is the monitoring of interpreters' driving behaviour. “Thanks to a badge system each driver is identified at the start of the trip.”, says Hamid. “This allows us to find out exactly who committed which infraction and at what time. Thus, we find the culprit for damages and traffic fines in a few clicks.”

Finally, the track & trace solution also often comes to the rescue when interpreters are looking for the nearest vehicle. “Via ProDongle's tracker, all vehicles are visible on a map in real time.”, says Hamid. “This way, the interpreters know exactly which nearest location to go to in order to claim the pool car.”

“Overall, we are very satisfied with ProDongle.”, concludes Hamid. “We have started testing their system for six vehicles. Due to the ease of use, we are going to expand this to all our vehicles soon.”

Solutions used:

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